Corporate Credit

Project Finance (Term Loan)
Based on the viability of the project/proposal, Term Loan to finance the long-term financing need of a firm/company may be made available. This loan is normally provided up to 65% of the financing requirement with a maximum tenure of 60 months. Terms could vary depending upon the need of the project.

  • Working Capital Finance
    Based on the nature of a business/transaction, various types of working capital facilities/loans may also be availed. Some of the commonly offered products under this category are as follows:

  • Overdraft
    This revolving/open term facility enables a firm/company to manage their varying daily cash requirement.

  • Demand / Short-term loan (Trade Finance)
    These facilities are normally provided to support one-off or any particular short-term transactions.

  • Trust Receipt/ Importers Loan (Trade Finance)
    Majority of the businesses in Nepal depend on imported items. Short-Term Trust Receipt Loans are the most common/popular product available to finance such requirement.

  • Export Loan
    Export loan facilitates to the exporters to process/collect stocks for exports.
Consortium Lending
Bank of Kathmandu has developed skills in syndicating large project loans and has successfully applied them in tying-up a number of large deals.

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