Usage of BOK VISA Credit Card

  • BOK Visa Credit Card is accepted in more than 300,000 merchant locations in Nepal and India in different points like airlines, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, department stores, general stores, clothing stores, hospitals, schools, colleges petrol pumps etc. The locations will have a display of visa acceptance and point of sale machine (POS) installed. You will not need to pay extra for using your card for purchases, however some locations like petrol pumps, Indian railway etc. which are allowed surcharge by visa may take surcharge on transactions. Furthermore, the merchant may not honor the card or reduce the discount percentage while doing sales with discount
  • All you need to do is present your card instead of cash while making payments. The merchant will swipe your card at point of sale terminal or manual imprinter, you will have to verify the amount and affix your signature on the slip to show your acceptance of the transaction.
  • There are more than 30,000 ATM terminals where you can withdraw cash in emergency
  • Please take note that the cash transactions is recommended for emergency purpose only. BOK Visa Credit Card provides 50% of the total limit as the cash limit. You shall have to insert proper PIN number and press keys for the required amount. Charges will apply on withdrawal transactions done on credit card
  • Bank will provide BOK Visa Credit Card holders with a preset credit limit and the card holder will be able to use the card up to the prescribed limit for purchase of goods and services along with availing cash from the ATMs in case of emergency
  • Please take care not to exceed your credit limit as the bank will charge over limit fee even if the limit is exceeded due to application of interest/charges
  • Please retain your copy of transaction charge slips to tally with the statement generated by the bank
  • Please note that BOK Visa Credit Card cannot be used in countries other than Nepal and India
  • BOK Visa Credit Card can not be used in foreign currency in Nepal and India (usage in Duty Free Shops are prohibited).
Statement Generation and Payment
  • All the transaction done on a particular monthly billing period will be made into a statement and sent to you
  • Bank prefers to provide you the statement through e-mail as it is swift and reliable mode of delivery. However, if you need printed statement through mail or hold the statement for collection, the same will be arranged accordingly
  • Bank requests you to tally your monthly statements with your usages. Any discrepancy need to be informed to the bank 30 days prior to the statement generation date or else the transaction will deemed to be correct
  • Any change in your mailing address needs to be informed to the bank in written form so that we are able to deliver the statement promptly
  • Bank will as per your convenience set up a minimum payment on your outstanding dues. The minimum payment due will be the actual amount or NPR 1000.00 or configurable percentage starting from 10% of the total outstanding which ever is higher
  • You will need to make payment of the minimum due within 15 days from the billing date
  • If you maintain any account with Bank of Kathmandu, the same can be nominated for automatic debit of the minimum payment dues. Please ensure sufficient balance on the nominated account one day before last payment due date so that automatic debit is applied. If you want to make additional payments you can instruct card division at through the e-mail registered with the bank
  • If you have not maintained an account with Bank of Kathmandu, you can come to any branch/counter of the bank and make payment through cheque/cash. Payment from cheque will only be applied to card account upon realization of the same
  • If there is a default on the payment, late payment fee and penalty interest will be levied and your credit rating could be affected. If the payment is less than the minimum due for continuous 3 months your card will be suspended
Please ensure timely payment as delayed payment can attract penal interest and also suspension of card limit for which you are advised to refer to facility agreement for more details.

Security Measures
  • Sign on the signature panel at the back side of the card with an inerasable black ballpoint pen.
  • Please go to the nearest BOK ATM terminal and change your PIN for the activation of your card.
  • If there is no BOK ATM in your vicinity you can call up on telephone number 4427398 to activate your card between 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The operator on the line will ask you some security questions as per your application form. You are required to answer them correctly for the activation. However, you will need to change the PIN given by the bank on the first use of your card at BOK ATM terminal.
  • Change the PIN number of your card given by us to a convenient number of your choice periodically. Please avoid easy guessing numbers like your date of birth, house number etc.
  • Do not write down the PIN number neither disclose it to any other person
  • Do not divulge your card number and card details to any other person neither give them your card.
  • Do not perform ATM transactions in the presence of a second person.
  • Please verify the amount on the charge slip before affixing your signature.
  • As far as possible do not let the cashier out of sight with your card.
  • Note down the details of card and bank contact numbers separately and inform the bank immediately upon the loss/misplacement of card. BOK is available from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.
  • Do not put your card in areas where there is a high magnetic field.
  • Do not let the magnetic stripe of the card get scratched / broken.
  • Please note that a new card will have to be issued to you in case your BOK Visa Credit Card is captured in ATM terminals in India during transaction. There is no provision of handing the captured card to you by the banks in India.

Any queries and correspondence on the issue of BOK Visa Credit Card should be made on:
Card Division
Bank of Kathmandu
P.O. BOX # 9044
Gyaneshwor Branch, Sano Gaucharan
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel: 4427398
Fax: 4412278

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