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A Credit card is traditionally a rectangular plastic card in its physical form and acts generally as a substitute of check or cash. Credit card has an unsecured line of revolving credit and the borrower is required to pay at least part of card outstanding in each statement cycle. As the outstanding decreases the available limit is increased. This unsecured line of credit incurs different fees like issuance, over limit as well as interest on the outstanding borrowings. Bank of Kathmandu issues Visa Brand Credit card which is a domestic credit card valid in Nepal and India only. All business aspect of BOK Visa Credit Card like customer solicitation, credit appraisal and recovery management will be handled by Retail Lending unit and all operational aspect like card generation, settlement and reports generation will be handled by Cards Division.

Features of Visa Domestic Credit Card

  • BOK Visa credit card is a domestic card and Valid in Nepal and India only
  • Bank will provide the cardholder with a line of credit and the holder can use the card up to the line of credit
  • The limit of the card will be a revolving one i.e. the customer will have to pay a certain amount minimally every month
  • Can be used at any ATM machine connected to Visa Network
  • Can be used at any POS terminal connected to Visa Network for the purchase of goods and services.
  • Operates in electronic environment and also can be used in manual imprinter machines.
  • Supplementary Card can be issued from an account on top of a main card.
  • The transaction amount will be billed monthly and minimum due will have to be paid by the cardholder within 15 days of the billed date.
  • Card will be valid for 2 years but annual fee will be charged every year.
  • Account with Bank of Kathmandu is optional

Benefits of BOK Visa Credit Card that makes your life easier

  • Convenience in payment for goods and services
  • NO worries of cash being lost or stolen
  • Easy credit facility
  • Free credit period up to 45 days
  • Emergency cash advance facility
  • Assists in monitoring expenses
  • 24 hour support service
  • Discounts and bonus at selected merchant establishments
  • Acceptability in 300,000 merchant outlets and 30,000 ATM's
  • Supplementary card to immediate family members

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