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What is a BOK Debit Card?
BOK Debit Card is a plastic card that can be used in Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals accepting SCT cards. The card is operative by PIN number also known as numeric Password.

Who can apply for the card?
We issue card for all individuals in his/ her name meeting following criteria:
  • Person(s) having Single/ Joint Savings or Current Account with any branch of Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.
  • Person having Current Account in the name of his/her proprietorship firm in any branch of Bank of Kathmandu Ltd. The proprietor can also apply for the card in the name of his/ her authorized signatory of the account.
We have a joint account with the bank. Can we get separate cards for each of us?
Yes, you can get the cards printed in your individual name. For Joint Account that is operated on the signature(s) of either anyone or all of the account members, one or more cards will be issued against the joint account at the request of all the account members. The joint account members will be jointly and severally liable for all transactions made by the use of the card or cards.

Can Minor, apply for the card?
Minor by age limit are not eligible for the card. However, operator of the minor's account can apply for the card. The card will be issued in the name of the minor with the first name of the operator inside the brackets.

How do I Apply for the card?
Fill up and submit BOK Debit Card Application Form to the Customer Service of any branch of the bank at your convenient. You may download the BOK Debit Card Application Form from our website or simply collect it from any branch of Bank of Kathmandu Ltd.

What are the Benefits of having a debit card?
Debit card provides you the facilities of Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry and Printing of Mini-Statement through the ATMs.

You do not need to carry money for shopping. You can purchase goods and or services from all Merchant locations accepting SCT cards. Several other benefits that would be attached in the card in the days to come.

What are the Charges involved in a debit card?
  • Card Issuance Fee BOK SCT CARD 500.00 (valid for 2 years)/ NPR 250.00 per annual for BOK VISA CARD
  • Card Renewal Fee :NPR 150
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee :CHARGE FREE (on BOK Owned ATMs)
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee :NPR 25 (only on SCT Networked ATMs other than BOK owned ATMs)
  • Lost/ Damaged Card Replacement Fee (Valid for 2 years) :NPR 150
  • Card Issuance Fee (Valid for 2 years) :NPR 150
What are the major features of an ATM Transaction?
The current features of ATM machine is as follows:
  • Minimum Withdrawal: NPR 500 Note Dispensed Denominations: NPR 500 and NPR 1,000
  • Maximum Withdrawal per transaction: NPR 40,000.00
  • Maximum withdrawal frequency per day: 20 times
  • Maximum Withdrawal per day: NPR 100,000.00 from BOK owned ATMs and NPR 100,000.00 from other network.
What are the major features of POS Transaction?
  • All POS transactions are free of charge
  • Cards can be used in all Merchant Establishments accepting SCT cards
  • Maximum purchase per day NPR 200,000
When will I receive my Card and PIN?
You will receive the card and PIN together. When applied through Kathmandu valley branches you can easily collect your card after 3 working days of the application date. For application made in outside Kathmandu valley branches, you can receive the card within a maximum of 7 working days.

How will I get my Card and the PIN?
You should collect the cards from the bank. Due to security reasons, the cards will not be sent by mail.

What happens after I receive my card and PIN?
After you acknowledge receipt of the card your card would be activated by the bank staff. After activation your card is ready for use in all ATM and POS terminals accepting SCT cards.

Where can I use my Card?
You can use the cards in all ATMs connected in the SCT network. You may click here to view current ATM locations. Additionally, the cards can also be used at all Merchant locations accepting SCT cards

How secured is the Card Transaction?
The transaction from the Card is secured as it is authorized only by inserting the right card and by entering the right Pin. In case of errors in the transaction, the cardholder can check the same in his account statement and notify the same to bank. It is always safe not to keep the card and the PIN number together. It is also advised to change the PIN number after receipt of the card.

How can I know the detail of my Transaction?
You can print mini statements at ATM outlets or you can collect your Statement of Account from the bank that includes among other transactions all debits made through the card.

Can others use my Card?
We strongly request you not to allow any other person to use the card as it is made only to the named person on whose name the card is issued. The bank shall not be responsible for use of the cards by other persons and any loss or damage arising out of such transaction to you.

What if my card Scratched/Broken?
You can report the problem at your bank and you will be issued replacement card at applicable charges if the card is found inoperative.

What happens if my debit card is lost or stolen?
If your card is lost or stolen, report the loss immediately to the bank in writing. You will be liable for all transactions until the bank receives intimation in writing from you about the loss or theft. Once the bank is informed about the loss or theft it will immediately freeze your account and replace your card by issuing you a new card at applicable charges upon your request.

.What do I call that card that I carry in my wallet that lets me withdraw cash from an ATM and make purchases without using credit?
The answer is a Debit Card. But if you said a check card or an ATM card or even an express checking card you could be right as well. Different banks call debit cards different things. You can use debit cards for ATM withdrawals- 24 hours service, or to pay for purchases anywhere, anytime, and the amount will come off your account immediately.

You have to enter your ATM PIN to authorize the transaction which, along with your daily purchase limit, protects the money in your account.

Debit cards are accepted at many locations, including grocery stores, retail stores, gasoline stations, and restaurants. You can use your card anywhere merchants display your card's brand name or logo. They offer an alternative to carrying a checkbook or cash.

Could you please clarify the difference between a debit card and a credit card?
The main difference is between the accounting terminologies; "debit" and "credit." Debit means "subtract." When you use a debit card, you are subtracting your money from your own bank account. Debit cards allow you to spend only what is in your bank account. It is a quick transaction between the merchant and your personal bank account. Credit is money made available to you by a bank or other financial institution, like a loan. The amount the issuer allows you to use is determined by your credit history, income, debts, and ability to pay. You may use the credit with the understanding that you will repay the amount, plus interest if you do not pay in full each month.

What should I do if my ATM card gets stuck when I am withdrawing cash?
ATM card could have been stuck due to these among other reasons:
  • Wrong Pin Code
  • Card wrongly inserted
  • Attempt to press Pin Code more than 3 times at a go
  • Failing to understand any of the instruction given on the ATM machine
Hence, please check where you went wrong and thereafter call your bank immediately to inform that your ATM card is stuck. Even in the case where the transaction has gone through but you did not get the cash, you should inform your bank immediately to know the problem and resolve the issue.

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